Friday, September 2, 2011

HAUL: MAC Me Over Collection + Swatches (Moleskin vs. UD Naked, Equilibrium vs. NARS Madly)

 Pictured: Outre e/s, Moleskin e/s, Dark Diversion f/l
Not Pictured: Equilibrium Blush

Hey Guys!
I only picked up a few things from the MAC Me Over Collection: Moleskin e/s, Outre e/s, Dark Diversion f/l, and Equilibrium Blush.

Moleskin (matte) - Nude Brown
Outre (matte) - Dirty Mustard
Equilibrium (satin) - Light Bronze
Dark Diversion - Darkened Plum

I ordered the eye shadows and fluidline online and then later realized I wanted to get Equilibrium blush so I ended up picking it up at my local MAC counter yesterday. I had no intention of buying this, and I guess I really didn't need it because it is VERY similar to NARS Madly. @aubiedoll on twitter pointed this out to me and sure enough, the swatches looked very similar to me as well. Enough so that if you have NARS Madly and want this blush, you really don't need it. And hey, if you bought Equilibrium and you are afraid of it running out, NARS Madly is permanent so just pick that up when you're done.

Also, I read on temptalia that Urban Decay "Naked" eye shadow from the infamous Naked Palette is similar to MAC "Moleskin" eye shadow. They have similar undertones, but MAC "Moleskin" shows up a lot darker on my skin than UD "Naked" does so they are different enough to warrant me owning both.

Without further or do, here are the swatches:



From Left to Right: Moleskin e/s, Outre e/s

 Left to Right: Urban Decay "Naked" from the Naked Palette, MAC "Moleskin"


What did you pick up from MAC Me Over Collection?


  1. Ooooh, Moleskin looks lovely (not too keen on the name though, haha). Reminds me of MAC's Wedge which is perfect for blending out harsh edges from the colour colour. xo

  2. I got Runaway Red lipstick and the 226 brush! I may go back and get Outre! Xo

  3. I got a few eyeshadows mystikal & satin taupe but now I wanna get that blush!! It looks so gorgeous!!!!!

    Great Haul :) xo

  4. I actually picked up the other 3 fluidlines in the collection, the 226 brush and one of the shadesticks. Check out my blog post!!!

  5. Great purchases! I really love the look of the Equilibrium blush, but it would be too light for me.

  6. love your swatches. i wanted to, but resisted buying the eyeshadows (i have wayyy to many) but i bought the mac 226 and it is completely amazing. i love it even more than the 217 for applying/blending crease colors! i hope they make it permanent!!

  7. what a pretty make up! you have a nice blog! I am now following..mind to follow back? :)

  8. I only picked up two lipsticks from this collection, Offshoot & Runaway Red, both are stunning. I'm so tempted on Outre though so may go back and buy that too xx

  9. Awesome haul! I think I already told you want I got from this collection on Twitter. Moleskin looks darker on your comlexion and I love Moleskin! Perfect highlight color for me.

  10. I love Moleskin as a highlight color! I might have to back that eyeshadow up sometime since I might start using it for everyday.

  11. I wanted Moleskin & Equilibrium but I'm glad I didn't get them now; thanks to your swatches, I realize my Madly and Naked look almost the same. Great post!

  12. fluid line is not tht dark i think maybelline dramatic gel is more good then the Mac one

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