Friday, September 2, 2011

HAUL: Forever21 Accessories!

The past week or so I placed a couple orders at Forever21 for some jewelry. I honestly don't wear jewelry enough and felt that maybe with some new pieces I might put together some more interesting outfits. Typically all I wear is three studs in my ears (i.e., either pearls or diamonds), my wedding rings, and that's it! The other day I also placed another order, which should arrive today, for the necklace Natty featured on her blog (click here AND here to view).





  1. Arrow Head Earrings $6.80
  2. Tiered Geometric Earrings $4.80
  3. Arrowhead Earrings $4.80
  4. Spiked Drop Earrings $5.80
  5. Pyramid Stud Set $5.80
  6. Wavy Two Finger Ring $6.80
  7. Pilot's Three Finger Ring $5.80
  8. Embellished Knuckle Ring $9.80
  9. Filigree Knuckle Ring $6.80
  10. Pressed Detail Knuckle Ring $5.80
  11. Sparkling Cross Ring $4.80
  12. Cutout Bird Ring $4.80
  13. Jagged Faux Stone Ring $6.80
  14. Spiked Stretchy Ring $7.80
  15. Spiked Charms Necklace $9.80
  16. Layered Spikes Necklace $10.80
  17. Arrowhead Necklace $3.80
  18. Faux Marble Cross Necklace $6.80
  19. Spike and Chain Bracelet $6.80
  20. Feather Hair Clip (multicolour/black) $5.80
  21. Feather Hair Clip (brown/gold) $5.80

My favourite pieces are the Feather Hair Clips and the Layered Spikes Necklace! I don't know what it is, but I'm really into feather hair extensions at the moment. Also, isn't it weird that I bought 21 items at Forever21?


  1. I'm really into feather hair pieces ;)
    Love your blog, by the way x

  2. These are such cute accesories and that is the reason why I love f21!!!

  3. Being Canadian, I got my first experience with Forever21 while visiting Orlando this summer and I LOVED IT! Their jewellery section is great (and affordable). I am super jealous of your haul and need to get myself some of those hair clips (if I can find them anywhere here!)

  4. i love love love those necklaces! i do wana go shopping now see whats new! xxx

  5. Love everything you bought!
    Exactly my style, ugh such gorgeous accessories!

  6. Love everything!! Can't believe how cheap it all was, amazing!

  7. My daughters really want the feather hair extensions. I'm going to purchase a kit on ebay and put them in.


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