Monday, September 5, 2011

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris La Couleur Infallible Eye Shadow + Swatches

"After four years in research and development, L'Oreal Paris reinvents eye shadow with a breakthrough in colour, texture and long-wear. Introducing L'Oreal Paris La Couleur Infallible!"
  • 24 hour long lasting hold
  • A waterproof formula that is smudge, rub and blink resistant
  • A new patented colour structure which allows pigments to be revealed in their maximum intensity
  • A breakthrough formula that creates a hybrid texture that lies between a creme and powder for an unprecedented velvety feel
  • ColourReveal Technology to enhance and heighten colour for a dramatic, prismatic effect
  • Easy application with bold colour in just a stroke of your fingertip
  • 11 gorgeous shades to choose from including:
    • Time Resist White
    • Hourglass Beige
    • Forever Pink
    • Purple Obsession
    • All Night Blue
    • Unlimited Sky
    • Permanent Kaki
    • Endless Chocolat
    • Burning Black
    • Eternal Black
    • Flashback Silver

I received 9 of the 11 shades available (the ones in bold) and plan on picking up "Endless Chocolate" and "Eternal Black" just because I'm so impressed with the other shades.

 One swipe of "All Night Blue"

The packaging is really good. The colour you see through the packaging is actually the bottom, so you have to flip the product over to unscrew the lid and remove the black stopper which is keeping the shadow pressed in place.


Swatches on NC40 skin

This is probably one of the first descriptions of a product that actually lives up to what it says. These colours are amazing. Period.What you see is what you get. The colour in the package is true to swatch. The texture is different than anything I've come across. It is a cross between a creme and a powder, and is incredibly smooth to the touch. These are truly long wearing and you do not need a primer. Some of the darker colours seem to stain the skin, but you just need a little makeup remover to get rid of it. Since these are creme/powder, you need to be careful with fallout, as with any kind of pigment. Also, since these are smudge resistant, I suggest working the product fast on the lid because they will set and won't budge. All the shadows are really sparkly and frosty. I really hope they come out with a matte or satin range with this formula because I would be all over them. I think the names are really cleaver. They pretty much all have something to do with being "long-wearing".

Today I did my eye makeup using a few of the shades. I tried to use as many colours as I could for the look and ended up using Time Resist White, Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink and Burning Black. The colours I chose really made my green eyes POP! Here's a break down of how I used the product:

Hourglass Beige (lid)
Forever Pink (crease)
Burning Black (line upper and lower lash line, blended up into outer corner)
Time Resist White (inner tear duct)

My hair was a bit ratty/messy, but I'm kinda digging the hippish look I have going on.

I love how green my eyes look!

Time Resist White is an AMAZING tear duct highlight. It gives you that ethereal, angelic, open eyed look that I love. Forever Pink reminds me a little bit of MAC Expensive Pink. Hourglass Beige is a great lid colour/inner tear duct colour, but I think is too frosted for a brow highlight, in my opinion. Burning Black is a great spin on regular black eyeshadow. I always wanted a reddish/black eyeshadow and probably wouldn't have bought my MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline knowing that I was going to get this. I think these eye shadows are a fool-proof way to line the eye. I can't wait to use Midnight Blue as an eyeliner.

L'Oreal Paris La Couleur Infallible eyeshadows are available in mass market retailers and drug stores across Canada for a suggested retail price of $10.99

On a side note: This is actually what I look like when working on blog posts (This was Friday when I took pictures). I will get comfy, typically have some form of makeup plastered on my hands and arms, and hang out with my dog while taking product pictures in my backyard. This particular day I had the pleasure of looking up and seeing my neighbour peering out the window at me like "What the...?!" haha. This happens quite often, but always embarrasses me every time.
Pardon the pun, but L'Oreal really hit it out of the ballpark with these new shadows!

Everytime I wear a hat I feel the need to do this face... LOL I'm a dork.

Disclaimer: L'Oreal Paris sent this products for consideration to review. I am not being compensated for this review. These are my honest opinions, as always.


  1. Your the most beautiful dork I ever seen !!!

    These shadows look pretty awesome, great review !

  2. Wow these are pretty amazing, and their reasonable too! I haven't seen these yet and I really wanna pick a few up!! :)

  3. Those colors look super pigmented. Great review! I love your makeup here. Don't you just love when you get caught taking photos for your blog...makes everyone think you're crazy.

  4. I WANT!!!! It doesn't look like they're sold in the US yet.

  5. Wow, these look like a play on the new Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eyeshadows.. or maybe the Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows. You're right about that white looking like the perfect tear duct highlight! It looks gorgeous on you. I'm going to have to check these out.. haven't spotted them anywhere yet!

  6. I love the new colors. The pigment looks great :)

  7. Hey Cheryl!
    when I first read the description of these shadows, they instantly reminded me of Giorgio Armani's "Eye to Kill" line of shadows! Then, I realized that GA is owned by... L'oreal! The formula is probably the same! :)

  8. Hahahahaha You had me crackin up! You look so cute! I dont mind the pun either, too funny!

    I looked at that swatch and I was like HOLY COW, 1 swipe?!?! Stop it! Definitely will pick up a couple! Thanks for all the info! I love these posts, hubby doesnt lol bc I will write everything down and put out a search party for them haha but its okay! I LOVE MAKEUP!


  9. all the colors look so nice and easy to wear- nothing too dramatic- so I guess all these shades will work perfectly for every person.Are they in stores now- I don't really follow LOreal stuff.But these are a def. hit and worth trying on :)

  10. Ooh I've got flashback silver and the beige one and I love them. Seeing your swatches I want them ALL! And I love how gorgeous the white looks in your inner corners, simply stunning.


  11. Ive heard a bit of a buzz about these eyeshadows. Are they in the UK yet? Ive heard their look be compared to Giorgio Armani eye shadows. Look super pigmented and beautiful. Fabulous review/

  12. from the photos, they look similar to Chanel ombre eyeshadows.

  13. very pretty! ill definitely have to check these out! xo

  14. Love those shades, you look fab :).

    Sadie x

  15. Where did you get the swatches?

  16. What do you use to apply these? I am wondering if i need any special brushes. never used pigmnet like make up. Kinda scares me lol
    Saw them at rexall on sale and plan on getting a few. great review!


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