Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HAUL: Dior Cosmetics

Hey Guys!
I raided the Dior counter at the beginning of October and thought I'd share my purchases. These are my first Dior cosmetics and I can't wait to try more! Reviews to come for ALL products!

Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
Dior Bronze Matte Sunshine SPF 20 - 003 Amber Matte
Diorskin Ultra-Shimmering All Over Face Powder - 002 Amber Diamond

I also received a cosmetic bag and a ton of samples. I was planning on buying the full-size Dior Show mascara to try out, but ended up with a free sample so I opted against the full-size version for now.

 Skin, perfume, mascara samples!


  1. Those are some really nice things you picked out. You should definitely try out their lip glosses. They are so smooth and feel great on the lips, though they are expensive but are worth the splurge. Definitely check them out next time your on the lookout for some new lip products :)

  2. Wow Cheryl this is creepy, I literally just received all three of these items in the mail lol

  3. Can't wait to see reviews on these products! I have never tried anything from Dior. :/

  4. Your first Dior products, I'm so jealous right right now :)
    Dior products have lush packaging, if I had any I would always leave it out on my vanity!

    That bag will be fab for traveling, they were so generous with freebies and samples.

    Hope you are enjoying your new goodies, can't wait to read your thoughts on them :)

  5. I've been wanting to try out the diorshow mascara myself looking forward to read your opinion on it.

  6. O am looking forward for your Dior reviews!

  7. You will LOVE the Amber Diamond! xx

  8. You know how much I LOVE the Dior bronzer and Shimmer are going to absolutely adore them! x


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