Monday, November 21, 2011

HAUL: Thrifting 50% off sale!

Hey Guys!
Last Monday I went to another thrift store because they were having a 50% off sale on everything in the store. I found more decanters (not pictured) that match the other ones I found perfectly. I also picked up more purses and a few more articles of clothes. I wasn't blown away by this visit and probably won't be going thrifting for a while now. I basically spent next to nothing for everything below. My favourite purchases are the purses, again. I really love the brown one with the lock on it!

From left to right: Brown purse with a chain, cream purse, white purse, black purse, bow purse, brown purse with lock 
Black and white leather belts
Will be using this as a sheer blazer
Teal skinny pants from America Apparel
Denim shirt
Gold silk blouse. LOVE THIS!

This is a shirt from a place of work in Texas by the writing on the back. LOL I thought it was funny and figured I could use this for something in the future... country themed of course
Flower dress
 Winter jacket. This is super warm and will be great to wear out for a nice dinner besides wearing my TNA parka which really doesn't suit all occasions.
Leather biker jacket. It's kinda dirty, but I think I can clean it up. It fits like a glove and I couldn't pass it up because of the spike detail on the zippers.


  1. great buys!!!

  2. Wow everything is so beautiful! It's hard to believe you found ALL of that from a thrift lucky! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. I love your thrift hauls, you always get the prettiest vintage purses. Please don't stop posting them! :P

  4. Love the jacket at the end and the teal pants!

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  5. Great finds! I love the purses especially the one with the bow!

  6. I love the winter coat! I found one very similar at Eastern Market in Detroit. I love thrifting too, it's so much more fun then going to a mall and knowing what's going to be there :)

  7. Well done! I haven't been thrifting in such a long time. Thanks for inspiring me to go again soon!

  8. Love those purses! The brown one is my fave too - looks really similar to the Hermes Berkin!

  9. That brown one with the lock is gorgeous!! It looks just like a Birkin!


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