Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HAUL: Toronto IMATS 2011 + Shopping

Hey Guys!
This past weekend was Toronto IMATS and I made a big list of things I wanted to get, but ended up only leaving with a few items, which I never really planned on getting. I ended up going up to Toronto late Saturday night and doing a little bit of shopping, followed by dinner and a night on the town. My girlfriends and I woke up early, went for breakfast, and finished the shopping we weren't able to get done the night before because the malls closed and ended up showing up EXTREMELY late for IMATS. I knew I had to go early, and I really wanted to go on the Saturday, but at the time I was suppose to work, so I never got tickets for that day. Even though I showed up late, I did have a lot of fun and I checked out a bunch of booths, but only ended up getting some MAC and one OCC Lip Tar. However, I did end up picking up a lot of good products and clothes while in Toronto which I thought I would share.


Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in "Trick"
MAC Bamboo e/s
MAC Yogurt e/s
MAC Indian Ink e/s
MAC Paradisco e/s
MAC Tilt e/s
MAC Samoa Silk e/s (ordered online because sold out at show)
MAC Arena e/s (ordered online because sold out at show)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25 (ordered online because needed a new one, didn't carry at show)
MAC Pro Palettes x3 (ordered online because sold out at show)


 It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask $39.95


 Seanik Shampoo Bar and Comforter Bubble Bar


NARS Sheer Glow in "Stromboli" $55
Dior Holiday Eyeshadow Palette $50
Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray $35
BLISS Steep Clean 15-Minute Facial (I wanted this ever since seeing Aleksis post, here) $59
La Roche Posay Derm AHA $49.99

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector (purchased at Shoppers, but wanted to include it. I really am loving this stuff!)
As many of you know, Sephora had their 20% off for VIBs  from November 10th-14. I ended up ordering some backups of my favourite products and trying out some new skincare items. I've been really into skincare, more so than makeup, at the moment because my skin has really gone downhill in the past couple months. I have discovered some of the products that have been irritating my skin, but they've left behind marks I'm slowly trying to fade and get rid of. As for my pores, they have actually improved by going down in size and becoming less noticeable. My marks I'm still working on. I also ordered a Clarisonic PLUS last night online and I'm really excited to see how it works on my face AND body!


These are my favourite racerback tank tops EVER! They suck everything in and keep the girls in place nicely. LOL. I already have one in black and I wanted to pick up all the other colours because I love them THAT much! These are staples in my wardrobe and they wash really well, unlike cheaper quality tank tops (i.e., Forever21). I ended up only picking up white and a dark grey. These retail for $42 each. I want the light grey and maybe a couple colours in the future as well.


Black Quilted Purse (my favourite purchase!) $31.80
Sparkly Gold Makeup Bag $5.80
A pair of earrings and three necklaces ($9.80, $3.80, $3.80, $5.80)

Grey Peekaboo cut Dress $23.80

 Dark Wash Skinny Jeans $12.50
Boyfriend Cut Jeans $29.50
Vintage Flare Jeans $33.80

 Champagne Shimmer Scarf $11.80

Black Sweater Dress $12.50

"LOVE" Top $17.90


Tinsel Tweed Shorts $29.95


  1. Love all the stuff you got!! jealous i have to wait till next year to go to IMATS van!!

    xo cherisse


  2. Holy cow! I think I just got haul envy! lol Let me know how you like the mask, I still love it!! p.s. looove those tweed shorts!

  3. I love my Clarisonic. You will wonder how you ever lived without it! I realized my makeup was never completely off until I got one. <3


  4. LOVE all your purchases! Looks like a fab trip!

  5. Oh I've always wanted to go to IMATS!

    Be careful with the AHA. If you have sensitive skin the Alpha Hydroxy Acid will irritate your skin because it dissolves live skin cells along with the dead ones, which could make your skin red, warm, itchy and raw feeling.

  6. What an awesome haul!!! You will love the LUSH Comforter Bubble Bar! It is amazing!!

  7. What a great haul you have! I've been tempted to try the It's a 10 products, but always shy away because of the steeper price. Have you tried other products by them?

    xoxo Jewels


  8. So jealous of your shopping expedition! You got some fabulous things!

  9. Wow amazing Haul. I love everything. Lucky gal.

  10. Incredible haul! Makes me want to go on a spending spree!!!

  11. i want to try it's a 10 so bad! the f21 grey dress is adorable! i need to venture into lululemon...but ever since the murder, i've kept away (it's a couple miles away from me) =/

    great haul!

  12. Love the scarf and those shorts! Super cute! Great haul :)
    Bella xo

  13. Haha reading this post just makes me want to go shopping now :) I love the earrings!


  14. Lovely haul, now I want to go & grab some of those LuLu lemon tops!


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