Sunday, December 11, 2011

Home Decor: Christmas Tree

Hey Guys!
As you know I love makeup, clothes, and pretty much anything that lets me be creative. It is probably no surprise that I also LOVE decorating my home and coming up with new ways I can revamp a room. Charles and I have been in the process of working on DIY home renovations for the past year and a bit and thought that I would start sharing some of the ways in which we have changed our living space. Currently I am working on one of our spare bedrooms and making it into a "White Room" themed after our honeymoon in Santorini, Greece. This will be a future post as I still need to save my money for furnishing it, but thought I would start off simple with how I decorate our home for the holidays. Specifically, here is our Christmas Tree! We plan on buying a new tree next year, as this one is falling apart BADLY. There are several branches that have busted off in the process of storing this and each year it seems to get worse and worse. This was actually my parents old tree before they bought a better one, so I really can't complain. I do love real trees, but with my luck, I would end up killing it, or worse, the dogs would drink the water. I am going to wait until artificial trees come on sale this year so that next year I don't have to deal with the dilapidated branches.

This year I purchased new ornaments, ribbon, pearl garland, a tree topper, and a tree skirt and really love how it turned out. This is definitely my ideal tree, minus the tree itself LOL.

Martha Stewart - 101 Ornaments from Home Depot 
Angel Tree Topper from Canadian Tire

Gold tree skirt from Winners

Another really special part of our Christmas tree is the fact that I have some very nice ornaments that have been given to me throughout the years. Since I was a small child, my parents have given me one or two ornaments every Christmas. It is something I look forward to each year because it has become a family tradition. I think this is a great idea that my mom has chosen to do and I will continue to do this myself when I have kids as I am really grateful to have these ornaments and memories for years to come. I have including pictures of some of my favourite ornaments.

This picture is just a small sampling of some of the ornaments hanging on my tree
The Abominable Snowman and Rudolph from one of my favourite Christmas cartoons, Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.
 One of several Tinkerbell ornaments I have hanging on our tree
 My favourite Muppet, the Swedish Chef! This may sound funny, but my absolute FAVOURITE Christmas Cartoon is the one where Sesame Street and the Muppets get snowed in at this cottage and meet the critters from Fragle Rock. LOL Please let me know if you have seen one ever knows what I'm talking about.
 Marilyn Monroe - I love her. P.S. - has anyone seen the movie "My Week With Marilyn"? It's not playing at any theatre near by and I'm dying to see it! Let me know if it is good!
I like to call this ornament "Fat Santa". He is priceless, yet my favourite ornament EVER! My mom doesn't know why I love this thing so much because it is pretty ugly. I keep this VERY visible, right at the top of our tree by the angel so that I know where it is. Fat Santa makes me laugh.


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  1. thats a beautiful christmas tree!
    i love home decor post, do more please

  2. I love this. :) All of your ornaments are so cute.

  3. I have the fat santa ornament too!!!! Hehe.

  4. Ohhhh my goodness!!! I literally squealed out loud when I read that you love that Muppets/Sesame Street/Fraggle Rock movie! I can't remember whats its called and no one knows what I'm talking about either! But its seriously one of the best movies of my childhood!

  5. Your tree looks gorgeous! I would love to see more home decor/diy posts! My favorite Muppet movie is the one you're talking about- it's called A Muppet Family Christmas. I watched it a million times as a kid but when I tried to explain it to my husband he thought I was crazy- glad you can relate!

  6. Lovely tree! I love home decor posts, I'm trying to do more myself. Here's our Christmas tree this year if you're interested!


  7. ♥ your tree!! :D

  8. So pretty!! I love the ornaments.

  9. That's a beautiful tree. Yes definitely do more home depot and decor posts! I love seeing how ppl decorate :)


  10. Gorgeous tree and excellent blog - you're one of my fave ones to check! I was also lucky enough to see "My week with Marilyn" and it was SO worth watching - excellent movie! I was especially impressed with Michelle Williams in her portrayal as Marilyn herself - she had her mannerisms and her voice down to a "T" and was excellent in the role. All in all, it was a great movie on a tragic and misunderstood lady - I would definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it already :)

  11. Beautiful tree! Love the holiday season so much :*)
    Bella xo

  12. Love the tree, it looks fantastic!Merry Christmas :)


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