Sunday, December 4, 2011

OOTD: Comfy and Simple

Hey Guys!
Most days I'm not "dressed up" or very stylish at all. For instance, if I'm just going to run to the store and do some errands I will typically be in jeans and some sort of sweater/hoodie during the colder months. Here is the look I wore to do some Christmas shopping the other day:

Yellow Sweater - Forever 21
Boyfriend Distressed Jeans - Forever 21
Black Tall UGGS

My favourite part of the outfit are the jeans. I bought them when I went to Toronto with the girls. They are extremely relaxed fit and sit loosely on my hips, yet fit the bum nicely and don't look like a saggy diaper! I typically hate how jeans get looser throughout the day, but these actually look better on the more you wear them because they are designed to be a loose fit. They were only $30ish and are really well made for the price! Typically Forever21 has a lot of cheaper quality items, but these I really love in terms of quality.

Hope you all have/had a great weekend! This is my only day off, unfortunately, so I will try and work on more blog posts later. For lunch I'm going out for my Oma's 80th Birthday and currently I just woke up, showered and am about to get ready to start my day. Have a good one!


  1. I really like the jeans. I haven't had a lot of good experiences with F21 clothes, and I find that the quality sucks extremely, especially after a wash.

    I have to check their jeans out though, and see if they're any better. Usually I buy my jeans from Garage or American Eagle.

  2. You look really cute! Its the perfect kind of casual look. I always get freaked out by those women who get wayyyyy too dressed up just to go buy groceries!

  3. cute sweater <3

  4. So cute!!! <3

  5. I'm not so stylish most days either because I work from home so it's hard ot post ootd's. I try to dress up a little (within reason)when I go out shopping or when I run errands just because I don't when I'm at home working all day. I really like that top. I've been looking for a sweater in that color.


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