Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve Makeup, Hair, and Dress!

Hey Guys!
Happy New Year! I'm so sad to see 2011 go because it was THE BEST year of my life. I got to experience so many new things that I don't know how 2012 is going to top the year I just had. However, I must say that this year has started off quite well. Last night I went out with my closest friends to a New Years Eve party. I had such a fun time. 

I really liked how my makeup and hair turned out. As you know, I pretty much NEVER wear colour, so I decided to change up my usual makeup for something a little more dramatic. I wish I would have taken better makeup photos, but since I got ready at night, my natural lightening was gone and flash photography never works out well for makeup photos in my experience. I self tanned two nights in a row so I'm quite dark at the moment. My skin was actually lighter than my lightest foundation, so I was in need of some colour because I didn't want to go out and buy a new foundation.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Maybelline Age Rewind 
SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer
NARS Sheer Glow in "Stromboli"
Chanel Soleil De Tan Bronze Universel
NARS Madly
MAC Magically Cool Powder in "Honey Rose"
CARGO Blu_Ray Pressed Powder #30
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Make Up For Ever Waterproof Brow Corrector #3

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
MAC Nylon e/s
MAC Digit e/s
MAC Stars N' Rockets e/s
MAC Shadowy Lady e/s
MAC Carbon e/s
L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner
Marcelle Glitter liner in Purple
MAC Reflects Pearl
DiorShow Maximizer
Cover Girl Lash Perfection Mascara
Ardell Lashes #120?

Maybelline Rose l/l
MAC Lovelorn l/s
L'Oreal l/g in "Grape Soda"

As for hair, I was wearing my Foxy Locks clip-in hair extensions. This was the first time I curled them and I used a 1" barrel curling iron to make loose waves/curls. I also parted my hair down the middle, which I never do. I was trying to recreate "Kardashian" style hair, and I think it turned out really well. The curls also lasted all night so I'm even more impressed with my Foxy Locks extensions!

I ended up throwing on tights, my favourite House of Harlow Black Resin necklace, and my new Sam Edelman spiked heels! Wish I would have got a picture of the whole thing together :( The dress I picked up at Forever21 for $11.50!

What did you do for New Years Eve?


  1. why do you photoshop your face so much? doesn't look natural (esp. the eyebrows). i'd like you to look more natural just as you are :))))

  2. @Anonymous - I don't use photoshop, sorry. I think it's unrealistic for a makeup blog when you want to show how the makeup looks on the skin. That's why I always take pictures in natural lighting. This particular instance I couldn't because this was at night so I had to use a flash, and when this happens, my skin looks unnaturally flawless, which it isn't by any means. I explained this in my post, but clearly you didn't read.

  3. Lol at anonymous ^ .. I love the way you did your makeup and your skin looks so nice! I really am considering trying the Nars sheer glow foundation. It looks so natural.

  4. You look great and what an awesome deal on that dress!

  5. I love the lip combo. I've been looking for the grape soda lip gloss and can't find it anywhere. Do you know if it is discontinued? Thanks and I love to read your posts

  6. Gorgeous makeup and hair girl!!!! I also love the dress!!

  7. lol cheryl i loved the pic...i was gonna ask what the key is to getting your face to look so flawless because I know nars sheer glow is sheer. I know you just told another commentor it's because the lighting and what not how your face looks, but what is the one thing you use that makes your skin look very even? Is it the nars foundations, or the powder, or really just a combination of everything?

  8. (i'm not the same anonymous person that posted at 6:20 p.m. lol, just forgot the name only option, as I don't have a google account or any of that) figured i should specify so you weren't like *wtf is this the same person who just said they thought my face looked unnatural in the pics and they didn't like it asking me what i use to make my face look that way???*


  9. You have the most beautiful lips I've ever seen!!!xoxo

  10. @Anonymous - I found my Grape Soda on ebay. I have never seen it in stores in Canada. I saw it once in the States, but that was a while ago, so I'm not sure if they still carry it either :(

    @Audrey - haha I was a little confused at first, but thought it must be someone else. For photos, lighting plays a huge roll. In person, my skin looks best after I exfoliate it or use a mask. It's really important to have smooth skin. I find my face looks really good with NARS Sheer Glow because it melts into my skin. I don't find it sheer at all and it doesn't cling to dry patches (if I have any) or accentuate pimples (I actually have a couple right now and you couldn't even tell with the foundation). I will do an updated foundation routine because there was a couple things I did differently for this look that I found made a huge difference. I used a neutralizing concealer prior to my foundation and then I didn't buff my foundation in, I just pressed it into my skin!

  11. You have the most beautiful lips I've ever seen!!!

  12. Ahhh, I wish you had close up photos of the make-up, but from what I can see it looks beautiful!

    You need to use colour more often woman!

  13. You look so beautiful dear! I would love to see an updated foundation routine for sure! Hope you had a wonderful New Year :)

  14. you definitely should rock colors more often, looks good

  15. Aw you look gorgeous - the make up, the dress, the hair :-)

  16. wow, you look so beautiful <3

    loves, Ellis

  17. You're absolutely STUNNING!!!! I love the whole look!!! Happy New Year!!!!

  18. And thats where I admire you Cheryl. You expose yourself to some mean jealous girls out there haha. I was waiting for a mean comment cuz come on you look amazing! ;) I wish you a happy and blessed new year. Though I feel the same way as you do. 2011 was such a great year for me too. I hope 2012 is even better!

  19. You look AMAZING! You are so beautiful & I absolutely love the makeup! So gorgeous!

  20. Gorgeous makeup, I really like this look!

  21. You look stunning! Hair and makeup are absolutely gorgeous and your outfit is so cute, I really want to pick up a cute little lbd like yours, hopefully forever 21 still carries them.

  22. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! <3

    @Sassa7 - LOL Gotta love the mean comments. Thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate your comment

  23. Lol at the first comment! Although to be fair if I were you I would take it as a compliment, there bascially saying you skin looks perfect!!! It annoys me though when people think everythings fake, I always get girls asking about my 'hair exstentions'- which I dont even wear by the way my hairs just way long lol But anyway you look great and I love the eyeshadow!! P.S Would be great if you did an updated foundation routine/post on what foundation your currently using! xxxxx

  24. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Your words mean alot to me cause I absolutely love your blog & style!

    See ya around girl! :)

  25. Hey Cheryl, I'm really curious what self tanning products you use because it looks great and natural???
    Thank you and Happy New year!!! xx

  26. Cheryl - You look STUNNING! What self tanner did you use prior to going out?

    Also, I find that when I use Nars Sheer Glow with flash photography I have that "white cast" - what set tings do you have your camera set on to avoid that with flash photography?! Your face looks EXACTLY the same as the rest of your body - which is what mine does when applied, but in flash photography it just looks ghostly.

    Thank you! Happy New Year!

  27. The makeup's stunning! i like the lip combo as well..

  28. I want to know how you did your eyes!:) Can you do a tutorial? I'm new to ur blog! I'm loving it!!:)


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