Thursday, August 9, 2012

NARS Foreplay Cheek Palette Review + Swatches

Hey Guys!

I always told myself that I would like NARS Orgasm blush A LOT more if it wasn't so shimmery. Then, I heard about the Foreplay palette and fell in love with the idea behind this palette being a "deconstructed" version of Orgasm.
What it is: 
"A chic cheek palette featuring four dazzling shades based on the bestselling Orgasm blush" - 
What it does: 
"The gorgeous afterglow of classic Orgasm is reinvented in this quad that combines Orgasm blush plus vivid shades of pink and peach and a shimmering gold to create your own signature glow." 
This set contains:
- Peach Matte Blush
- Pink Matte Blush
- Gold Highlighting Blush
- Orgasm Blush (peachy pink with golden shimmer)  

NARS Orgasm was the first NARS blush I tried. Since then, I have purchased several other blushes from NARS (9 to be exact) and reach for many of them a lot more than Orgasm (i.e., Love Joy, Madly, Deep Throat). I hardly ever reached for Orgasm until this summer when I decided to start using it again. I ended up becoming hooked on Orgasm and then heard about the release of the Foreplay palette. I instantly purchased the palette as soon as I saw it on and received it a day before I left for Vegas. I didn't bring the palette with me, but as soon as I got home I started playing around with the colours. Like all NARS blushes, the product is divine. I absolutely LOVE the two matte shades and can FINALLY create my own custom Orgasm with minimal to no shimmer (depending on my preference that day). The matte blushes are EXTREMELY pigmented, you only need a dab of product (which turns out to be a good thing because the compartments are so small). I own Albatross highlighting blush as well and the gold highlighting blush in this palette is much more gold. 

Gold highlight, Matte Peach, Matte Pink, Orgasm

For reference, the palette packaging is approximately the size of a NARS bronzer, but with a little more product. NARS bronzers contain 0.28 oz, whereas this palette contains 0.36 oz. To be quite honest, I find this to be an EXTREMELY tiny palette, especially for the price. The squares are impractical to say the least. You need a tiny brush to use the matte shades and the highlight. I like using a Sigma Tapered Highlight Brush (F35) for the blushes and the highlight. I think this brush works perfectly at getting the product. A regular blush brush just wouldn't do the job for me, and if you don't have specialty brushes, this palette may be of real inconvenience to you. The quality of this palette is great, in my opinion, and the concept behind it still excites me, however, my only qualm is that they could have made the individual shades a little bit bigger so it wasn't so difficult to work with. 

Retail Value: $49 US
(for reference NARS bronzers retail for $34, and blushes $28)

This palette is exclusive to and is Limited Edition.


  1. I get so giddy whenever I see reviews on NARS products. I absolutely adore them!~

    I've had the Orgasm blush for a while, but recently I've been getting annoyed with the amount of shimmer in the product. This would be perfect for customization! Thanks for the review Cheryl :)

  2. I've also been meaning to ask you, what foundation/highlighter are you using in your main photo on the top of your page? Your skin looks so beautiful and dewy <3

  3. I love NARS, but I def will pass on this one. Seems like a rip off for the palette. I like the fact that you can customize the color though. That is indeed a plus.

  4. I've seen lots of raves about that palette but I already own Orgasm and will have to see it in person one day.

  5. I want to try this product out, but the price makes me go WOW lol. Great review :)

  6. Love this! I never bought Orgasm because when I tried it on in the store, it always seemed to shimmery for me.

  7. It looks beautiful! *w*


  8. I just bought this. I always hear about nars orgasm, and thought I had many blushes similar to it. I was so wrong! I love this little thing! So versatile!


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