Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 10 Favourite MAC Eyeshadows [Permanent]

Hey Guys!

After I posted on instagram that I finished filming my Top 10 MAC Eyeshadow video, I had a lot of requests to upload it as soon as possible. I answered your requests and edited the footage today so that I could have the video up ASAP! Hope you guys enjoy this video! It was next to impossible for me to narrow it down to only 10 eyeshadows as I have quite a few favourites. 

Top 10 Permanent MAC Eyeshadows

1) Brule
2) Shroom
3) Nylon
4) Grain
5) Wedge
6) Soba
7) Brun
8) Saddle
9) Nehru
10) Carbon


  1. I also have a 10 top mac eyeshadow review aswell, yours is really good, check mine out (:

  2. Love this, I will definitely be buying some that you listed!

  3. Grain is the best - I never see it get any love on the other beauty blogs! I'm fairly pale so it's a perfect everyday all over lid color for me.


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