Sunday, March 24, 2013

Megan Fox Inspired Makeup Video

Here is the Get Ready with Me video I recorded for the Megan Fox by Troy Jensen look I posted a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Wow amazing job as always and your skin is looking super great/radiant lately!! Any changes or favorites added onto your skincare routine? Keep it up, love seeing your videos!

  2. Hey Cheryl ! I love this look !! You look amazing as always !

    IDK if you remember me but i restarted my blog,it used to be, i need a fresh start, maybe youd like to check it out =)

    Can't wait for your fitness video btw !!!

    xox Jessica Michelle

  3. Love it! Love your makeup and it really had bring out your natural beauty. Hope to see more videos for I really learned and enjoyed watching it.

  4. Hi Cheryl, so many weeks i look your website. I love it !

    Your make up are amazing !!

    Excuse my english, it's difficult for me to talk because i'm french. I have a girl website too, if you want to have a look, you're welcome with pleasure :)

    Thank you for all, big kiss and take care !

    Cris :D


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