Sigma's November 2013 Rising Star
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  1. Hi there, just saw your Empties Video. Since I'm stuck at home with my pregnancy I've been watching your videos daily and waiting for uploads patiently... Sounds kinda weirded hahaha... Well, I was wondering if you could bring up a video about your post baby weight loss. I will be delivering next week and some how (even though I can't wait to see my new born angel) I can't wait to get my body back for myself. Or if you have any mom to mom advises, would be happy about it.

    Ps: you're doing a great job. Love love love your tutorials!!!

  2. I would love an update blog or video on your skincare routine I recently had baby and wondering if you struggled with skin issues after or during pregnancy and if you changed anything or can help me with some advice re: skincare that might be worth looking into.


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